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By: Steve Patterson

Business is often portrayed as being crude and cruel. According to the popular narrative — the Charles Dickens view of the world — businesses are filled with cold-hearted scrooges who value profits more than people. This is then contrasted with the kindness and altruism of charities, non-profits, and governments, which are all supposedly created to help people. Charity, in particular, is seen as ethically superior to business. After all, what could make a greater impact on the world than giving to the needy?

This view of the world is shortsighted. While it’s true that charity helps people, business makes a far greater contribution to humanity. Virtually all of the increases in society’s standard of living are because of simple commerce, and it’s the poor, in particular, who benefit the most. To understand why, we need to examine the different formulas that charities and businesses operate under.

Charities deal with distributing wealth — coordinating the transfer of some people’s “surplus” to other people’s “shortage.” Businesses, on the other hand, deal with creating wealth by selling goods and services people value. (more…)


Please check out my recent interview with author Steve Patterson in which we discuss his new book: What’s the Big Deal About Bitcoin?  Great stuff!

I recently read a great piece by Steve Patterson on and just had to have him on the show to discuss it. It’s really interesting to learn about and analyze someone’s progression from politically mainstream to politically extreme. Check out the interview and read the article here:

From Conservative to Anarchist