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Another awesome episode from Lions of Liberty!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, host Marc Clair welcomes in NY Times bestselling author and longtime libertarian radio personality Charles Goyette to discuss his planned Ron Paul documentary “Empire of Lies.” Charles explains how he first found himself identifying with libertarian ideals, and how he would work these ideas into his successful radio show. Charles then describes how his vociferous opposition to the Iraq War drew the ire of the executives at Clear Channel, and how sticking to his convictions affected his career. Charles and Marc then discuss the upcoming documentary “Empire of Lies”, which will look at how the Presidential runs of Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 ignited the modern liberty movement. Find out how you can become a part of this exciting new project, and stay tuned for Marc’s thoughts in the wrap-up rant!

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Recently we had a really interesting chat with Ed Krayewski of
We spoke about recent events in Iraq and Ukraine and US foreign policy in general. It was a real education. Enjoy…

Many of you have read his pieces on his blog bionic mosquito. You have seen his stuff all over the place: on lew rockwell, economic policy journal, lions of liberty

After hearing some talking head on CNBC refer to Ron Paul as a mosquito, the author thought to himself, “If Ron Paul is a Mosquito, he is a powerful one.” Hence the name. Jonathan Goodwin is bionic mosquito and was kind enough to give us a peek into his not-so-mosquito-sized brain.

Political Badger: What was the impetus for starting your blog?

Bionic Mosquito: I had been thinking about doing something like this for quite some time. I thought it would be a good way for me to improve my thinking on several subjects – economics, libertarianism, politics, and empire (I think history wasn’t originally on my mind); I am not trained in any of these. I felt that the act of writing, and posting it publicly, would force an improvement of discipline in my thought. I also thought that receiving feedback online would be a wonderful, free, learning tool. Finally, I wanted to document my own learning / progression.

But what drove me finally to take the step was a minor technical problem (you asked). For a time I was a regular feed-backer at The Daily Bell. Early on, I was not able to post a comment of more than a few characters (it turned out to be a browser problem on my end). In order to get around this, I would post my longer comments on my blog, and DB graciously copied the comments from my blog to their thread.

Pretty dull, I know.

PB: When did it really take off?

BM: Have you looked at the alexa ratings? “Take off” is not a phrase I would use, but thank you.

I guess bionic mosquito first started gaining some recognition (beyond the comments section of Daily Bell, EPJ, and Mises) when Lew Rockwell ran a post a couple of years ago – something I wrote about Pearl Harbor, based on a book by George Victor, “The Pearl Harbor Myth: Rethinking the Unthinkable”. Since then, Lew has re-posted many of my blog posts, as has Robert Wenzel at EPJ and Marc Clair at Lions of Liberty. A few other sites occasionally pick up a post as well.


Great excerpt on today from Ronnie P’s book, A Foreign Policy of Freedom:

Ron Paul

Ron Paul on how we create terrorists and constantly make enemies overseas.

Agree or disagree with Dr. Ron Paul, you have to admire his gigantic sack. Watch this clip from the 2008 republican debate in SC. Most politicians would wilt here. Imagine the guts it takes to tell an auditorium full of blood-thirsty, war-mongering neo-cons that our foreign policy contributed to 9/11 and that we should not be at war in Iraq.

Great little article by my homie Ron Paul.  This adds some substance to my Feinstein post from last week. In other words, “What he said…”

Ron Paul Article