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Please check out the latest podcast from Marc Clair and the Lions of Liberty!!!!!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, Felony Friday author and all-around swell chap John Odermatt returns to the show for another edition of the Felony Report! John and host Marc Clair take a look at the past month of Felony Friday articles, starting with an attempt to answer the somewhat clickbaity question “Should Big Banks Be Treated the Same as People?” John and Marc look at the a case of a harmless high school prank which has seen two teenage girls face felony charges, which prompts Marc to recount the legal troubles he had following a senior prank in high school. They then discuss John’s recent appearance on Michael Santos’ Earning Freedom podcast, and what people can learn from Michael Santos and the great work he is doing to help those facing the harsh realities of the U.S. criminal justice system. Finally, they wrap things up by looking at the looming deadline for Prop 47 petitions in California, and encourage those affected by it and their loved ones to act immediately to restore any rights lost to felony drug convictions.

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