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On today’s show we are talking to John Tamny.  John is editor of RealClearMarkets, Political Economy editor at Forbes, and a senior economic adviser to Toreador Research and Trading ( He is author of the new book Popular Economics: What the Rolling Stones, Downton Abbey, and LeBron James Can Teach You About Economics (Regnery).


Please check out my interview with Scott Horton of Antiwar radio: and the Scott Horton Show:  On this episode Scott obliterates the notion that the U.S. should police the world, that any of our wars are just, and that anything good at all comes from our war machine.  This was a lively conversation.  I know you’ll enjoy it!

Please check out our latest podcast episode with Tres Knippa.  Tres is a trader, broker, and member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and appears weekly on CNBC, Bloomberg, and many other networks around the world. Tres has been trading futures and currency markets for over 17 years and became a member of theChicago Mercantile Exchange in 1996 after moving to Chicago from Texas. In 2004 Tres was the youngest member to ever be appointed to the Live Cattle Pit Committee at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Today, Tres’ focus is nothing short of global in scope.Tres trades a variety markets for himself and his clients including agricultural futures, currencies, stock indices, and interest rates. Tres’ customer base is as diverse as his positions. His customers include a commercial wheat farmer in Brisbane, Australia, a fund manager in London, England, a currency trader in Dubai, UAE, a stock index trader in Prague, Czech, a fund manager in Italy, and a feedyard owner in Dodge City, Kansas amongst many others. Tres is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor with Kenai Capital Management. While building his business, Tres found the time to attend classes and graduate from the Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT in Boston, Massachusetts. He also holds a BBA from Baylor University and a Ranch Management Certificate from Texas Christian University. Tres’ fund seeks to profit from what, in his opinion, is the coming debt crisis in Japan.

On today’s episode of Political Badger I interview David Beito about his book From Mutual Aid to the Welfare State which explores Fraternal Societies that provided social services before the government ran them.  It’s a good reminder of how man can and will always figure out ways to solve his problems in the absence of government intervention.  Many people assume we need government to provide unemployment insurance, etc.  Dr. Beito clearly illustrates this was not the case throughout most of our history.

On our latest episode we are joined by Dr. Mark Thornton of the Mises Institute for a second appearance.  Today we discuss his great work on what is known as The Skyscraper Index which posits that each time the world’s largest skyscraper is built, an economic crisis follows.  Dr. Thornton has uncovered some pretty compelling evidence to support the theory in the past and has a new article on the newest tallest building in the world under construction in Saudi Arabia.


Link to original article
Skyscrapers and Business Cycles

Our latest podcast episode is an interview with Travis Wilson of the new website  Police misconduct and general ineptitude is something we see and hear a lot about but is something I really don’t know much about I’m embarrassed to say.  I’m very glad to have had Travis on the show to educate me about this important issue.

Travis Wilson is a 2010 graduate of the Northeast Florida Criminal Justice Training Center in Jacksonville Florida. His experience in the educational setting and experiences both before and after this professional training aid in the thoughts and context to his writing.

Another place to catch his work not related to the Law Enforcement profession is his personal blog at, launching mid April.  He has been guest on several radio programs including The Austrian Circle and Becoming Conscious and has had his writing featured by online blog aggregates The Essence of Liberty, The Libertarian Liquidationist and We Are Libertarians.


I recently had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Harry Dent.  He is the founder of HS Dent Investment Management, Editor of the free newsletter “Economy and Markets”, and is the author of several books including The Demographic Cliff.  Harry offers a bit of a different perspective than you are used to hearing on this show.  It was fascinating to learn how demographic cycles, and cycles in general, can be predictive of economic and societal conditions.

Please enjoy my latest interview with Per Bylund of the John F. Baugh Center at Baylor University.  On this episode we discuss, among other things, Sweden and why it is held up as an example of Socialist success:

On our latest podcast I was extremely fortunate to interview John Mauldin: noted financial expert, best-selling author, and chairman of Mauldin Economics.  John gave us his unique insight into our economy today and what we can expect in the future.  It was fun to have someone on with Austrian influences, but who is not a strict Austrian.  He has a unique perspective and I’m happy he was kind enough to share it with us.  Please enjoy.

I was very excited to interview economist Robert P. Murphy on the podcast recently.  He is definitely one of our more dynamic guests.  His passion for economics and libertarian theory is infectious and we were lucky to have him join us.  On this episode we discuss his book Chaos Theory which lays out plausible ways in which society could function without the state, particularly in regards to the provision of law and military.  Most people think there would be pure chaos without things like a state imposed legal system.  Dr. Murphy clearly illustrates this is nonsense.  Enjoy!

On our latest episode I was happy to welcome Ryan McMaken of the Mises Institute as our guest.  Ryan is editor of Mises Daily and The Free Market and is the author of the book, Commie Cowboys: The Bourgeoisie and the Nation-State in the Western Genre.   Today on the podcast we discuss Net Neutrality: what it’s all about and what the recent vote means.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Benjamin Powell, director of the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University.  He is also senior fellow at the Independent Institute in California.  On this episode we discuss the free market, today’s economy, and sweatshops.   Please enjoy:

Please check out my recent interview with author Steve Patterson in which we discuss his new book: What’s the Big Deal About Bitcoin?  Great stuff!

On the latest Political Badger podcast, I was lucky enough to chat with Butler Shaffer of Southwestern Law School.  Shaffer has written some wonderful books on topics like private property and intellectual property.  He also frequently writes for where you can find tons of great pieces he’s written.  My new favorite is his defense of Ebenezer Scrooge he posted for the holidays:     I hope you enjoy our discussion:

I was very fortunate recently to have Dr. Walter Block on the show for the second time.  He is the Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair in Economics at Loyola University, senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and regular columnist for  On this episode we discuss his defense of some more unsavory characters in his sequel to his classic Defending the Undefendable,  Defending the Undefendable 2.

Click here to buy Defending the Undefendable 2

Please check out this episode where we discuss FDR, The New Deal, The Great Depression… and Calvin Coolidge: