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Another great episode from our partners over at Lions of Liberty:

In today’s episode, host Marc Clair welcomes in liberty activist and fellow Los Angelean, Nick Hankoff! Nick details how the combined influence of George Carlin, Ayn Rand and Ron Paul set him down the path of liberty activism. Marc and Nick discuss the vibrant liberty scene in Los Angeles and make plans to meet up later that evening at a local liberty “Liberty on the Rocks” event (Editor’s Note: and we did!) Nick describes how he and his fellow “liberty kids” attained positions of power in the Los Angeles Republican Party, and emphasizes the importance of building a network to advance liberty. Marc then tosses Nick a curveball and asks him the “Tom Woods Stumper”, and they break down possible conflicts between “states rights” and “individual rights.” Marc and Nick ponder whether California will join Colorado, Washington and Oregon and put the final nails in the coffin in it’s war on marijuana and fully legalize in 2016. Nick then lays out his vision for the “Nick Hankoff Show.”

In the Last Roar (35:53), Marc rants about the value of connecting with – and even more importantly, creating – more like-minded people, and stresses the importance of constantly striving for a consistent set of principles.

Click here to listen!