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In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I welcome in Michael Minardi, a criminal defense attorney based out of Florida who specializes in defending clients against prosecution for using cannabis for medical purposes. Michael describes how he first began to see the hypocrisy in drug laws and their enforcement as a teenager, and how that led him to pursue a career in defending people against drug prosecutions. Michael and I discuss the case of Jesse Teplicki, who Michael successfully defended in court after he was arrested for growing marijuana at his home in order to aid him in dealing with his anorexia nervosa. Michael explains the federal government’s hypocrisy on medical cannabis, the hostility faced from judges and prosecutors for defending medical cannabis patients, and why he feels the jury’s decision to acquit Jesse Teplicki is not a case of jury nullification. As fans of the Lions of Liberty Podcast might expect, I have a rant of my own to close out the show. 

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