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Check out the latest podcast episode from Lions of Liberty!

In today’s episode, Marc Clair welcomes in quite possibly one of the most interesting men on the planet – creator of McAfee Antivirus, “eccentric millionaire” and now Presidential candidate, John McAfee! In this compelling discussion, McAfee describes the largely unaddressed dangers posed to the American people, from seemingly harmless apps spying on our everyday lives to the greater cyber security threats posed by China and Russia. Marc probes John’s views on topics ranging from foreign policy to the FDA to the War on Drugs. McAfee lays out his case for why he is uniquely equipped to deal with the very real threats to our way of life and why he is confident he can and will become the President of the United States in 2016.

This may be the most fascinating interview in Lions of Liberty history – don’t miss a second of it!

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