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Please check out my interview with Scott Horton of Antiwar radio: and the Scott Horton Show:  On this episode Scott obliterates the notion that the U.S. should police the world, that any of our wars are just, and that anything good at all comes from our war machine.  This was a lively conversation.  I know you’ll enjoy it!


EXCELLENT! Interview by Marc Clair of Lions of Liberty. Do yourself a favor and listen:

Click here to listen:

Great stuff from David Stockman:

Stockman on ISIS

A must read for some perspective on our latest and greatest war:
Napolitano Article

We had a great conversation recently with Ed Krayewski of about the Ferguson, MO situation. We also got into some other current issues of concern to Americans including ISIS and Mexican drug cartels. Enjoy!

Today we spoke with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on a number of topics including our troubled economy, how we created the mess in Iraq, and the possibility of nuclear war with Russia.  I hope you enjoy this really interesting conversation.