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Marc Clair interviews Rick Ross on cults!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I welcome in cult expert and deprogramming specialist, Rick Ross of the Cult Education Institute. Rick describes how he first became entrenched in the subject of cults when he realized his grandmother was being preyed upon by a cult at her nursing home. Since then, Ross has become one of the leading specialists on cults in the United States, and has worked to “deprogram” many who have fallen under the influence of destructive cults. Rick describes the defining characteristics of cults, and how they differ from mainstream religions. Rick and I discuss the types of people who are vulnerable to cults, how cult leaders exert such a strong influence over their followers, and just how those who have fallen into a cult can be deprogrammed. In the wrap-up rant, I have some thoughts of my own on how cult-like thinking has become pervasive in many aspects of our society. I then share a personal story about my own experience with a cult.

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