Lions of Liberty Podcast: “Don’t Smash the State!” w/ Steve Horwitz

Posted: October 18, 2015 in Lions of Liberty
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Here’s the latest from Lions of Liberty!

In today’s episode, host Marc Clair welcomes in economist and author Steve Horwitz on his recent article entitled “Don’t Smash the State.” But first Steve reveals how he first became introduced to the ideas of liberty, Steve and Marc discuss how works of fiction can often be the impetus towards a further philosophical pursuit. Steve explains why he embraced the idea of “pushing the button” to “end the State” overnight when he was a young libertarian, and just what insights made him start to believe this idea might have flaws.

Steve describes his preferred analogy for the state as a “bomb”, whose wires must be pulled in the correct order, lest the bomb go off. He explains the reason why he advocates for a measured rollback of coercive legislation, both strategically and morally. Steve and Marc examine some of the first “wires” that could be pulled, and the possible ramifications of pulling the wrong one too early.

In the Last Roar (32:00), Marc explains why it’s important for those who advocate for individual liberty to have proper political priorities (sorry, I just can’t resist an alliteration opportunity).

Click here to listen!


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