Lions of Liberty Podcast: Austin Petersen Makes His Case for Minarchy

Posted: July 9, 2015 in Lions of Liberty
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Austin Petersen on LoL!!!

In today’s show, host Marc Clair welcomes in Austin Petersen to discuss why he enthusiastically touts a minarchist – i.e. “limited government” – philosophy. But first, Austin describes how he came to identify as a libertarian after being raised in a conservative household. Austin then details how he spearheaded the creation Judge Napolitano’s much-hailed “Freedom Watch” on Fox Business, and what he learned from the experience. Marc and Austin then discuss why Austin identifies himself as a minarchist. Austin explains why he rejects the concept of anarchism, and the key problems he sees with anarchist philosophy. Marc and Austin discuss concepts such as consent of the governed, negative vs. positive rights, how a ‘small government’ could be funded, and vigilante justice. After the interview, Marc lays out his positive vision of how individuals in a free society could handle issues of justice while respecting private property rights, and stresses the importance of a reasoned, philosophical approach to the ideas of liberty.

Click here to listen!


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