Lions of Liberty Podcast: Ilana Mercer – Libertarian Anarchism’s ‘Justice’ Problem

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Lions of Liberty
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Have a listen to another great episode from Lions of Liberty!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I am joined by‘s longest running paleolibertarian columnist, Ilana Mercer! Ilana describes how her political views first took shape, and how a conversation with Walter Block made her realize that she was a libertarian. Ilana and I then discuss Ms. Mercer’s recent article, “Libertarian Anarchism’s ‘Justice’ Problem”. Ilana explains the problem she has with many anarchists who denounce any involvement in government or politics, preferring to live in the “sin of abstraction.” Ilana and I explore the ideas surrounding what justice should be in a free society, the problem with competing theories of justice, and how “personalized justice” can actually result in injustice. As usual, I have some thoughts of my own in the wrap-up rant!

Click here to listen!

  1. lucas897 says:

    I think you should look up the Seeds Of Liberty on youtube they do podcasts on anarchy and homeschooling ETC. also you might want to look into one of my blogs

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