Easy Thinking is For the Weak

Posted: June 21, 2014 in Dirk Tripp, Foreign policy, government, politics
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Submitted by Dirk Tripp, former Marine.

I look around frustrated and confused at people who seem so ignorant, or apathetic, or worse yet just down right stupid, and I realize they one and all revel in easy thinking. I studied a principle in college that mass media was becoming more and more suited to the individual by way of the internet. For the first time in history we can chose what news we see, and this had led to people only concerning themselves with what they want to see. Profound thought and meaningful reflections rarely occur when other perspectives or views are not included in the process. A conservative only pays attention to conservative news and a liberal concentrates on only liberal news. Then there are the few who realize neither side is worth a grain of salt, to which the news quit mattering long ago. It all comes down to people thinking easy. Instead of thinking for themselves, it is much more convenient to have a paid commentator form one’s opinion for them. By the looks of things now easy thinking seems to be the trend of the future, problem is, with easy thinking there might not be a future.


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