How is Denial a Moral?

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Dirk Tripp, Foreign policy, government, politics
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Submitted by Dirk Tripp, former Marine.

It has been no joy spending over a decade trying to inform folks that George W. Bush and his administration flat out broke the law by using deception to start an aggressive war. It has been the equivalent of trying to dig a trench on a beach of marbles. I just keep digging in, only to have ignorance, apathy, stupidity, and partisanship fall in on the sides filling up the same stupid hole. Now conservative republican’s have taken to photoshopping Obama onto the deck of the Carl Vinson with that stupid ‘mission accomplished’ banner. They are literally rewriting history, in real time, and it is literal truth to them. Neocons have become so stooped in denial that now if you seek justice for Bush, Cheney, and the rest of those liars, you are attacking their ‘moral’ standards and spreading hate speech. I hate stupidity. I hate apathy. I hate war crimes. I hate the inability of people to accept responsibility for their mistakes. It has been over ten years since the Bush administration pounded home how we had to invade because of al Qaeda in cahoots with Saddam, and to this very day even the most independently minded republican says ” accusing the president of lying is pretty serious, gonna need some hard evidence for that.” The problem is the only hard evidence they’ll accept is that Benghazi is the worst scandal in all of history. By George W. Bush getting away with doing whatever he wanted it has set a precedent that is as perilous as it gets; the president is above the law. Denial is not a moral standard, it is dangerous. Expressing the truth is not hate speech unless of course you hate the truth.


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