Iraq is Back Jack, It Was Never Really Gone Though

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Dirk Tripp, Foreign policy, government, politics
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Submitted by Dirk Tripp, former Marine.

There was absolutely no doubt as to what the outcome would be if we removed Saddam Hussein from power. Any student of history worth a grain of salt at all knew that there would be no democratic, self reliant, peaceful Iraq if we tried to reproduce our way of life there by way of occupation. The outcome was always going to be the same; Sunni vs. Shiite, Sunni vs. Kurd, Kurd vs. Shiite, and so on and so forth. And so it is coming to pass, that horrible truth that reasonable people have known from the very beginning of it, we should have never gone into Iraq. We should have been better as a people than a hand full of neo con warhawks with oil on the brain. We weren’t better than them, we became their pawns, and to this very day dumbass after dumbass tries to shirk responsibility by blaming Obama. This is by far and away the most pathetic chapter in the history book of America. Before we went into Iraq terrorists had to train in the middle of the dessert using closelines and cardboard boxes to represent urban warfare. When we invaded Iraq they began their training against the most fearsome, deadly military force on earth in real cities under real world conditions. We trained ISIS with American blood, and if you survive an engagement with pissed off Marines, then you are going to be one hell of a hand full after that. Many Americans are playing the “this is such a surprise card” to which I pull that card and soundly fart in their general direction. What is surprising is the level of apathy, stupidity, fear, and recklessness this nation displayed while Bush made this happen. What is happening now is no shock at all. When one single architect of Operation Iraqi Freedom stands trial for crimes against the people of the United States of America, that will be shocking.


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