Not so Average Joe Takes on the EPA: Political Badger Chats with Andy Johnson

Posted: June 3, 2014 in government, Podcast
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Unless you’re living under a rock or in a badger cave (I’m actually not sure where badgers live, a den?) you’ve probably heard of Andy Johnson. He has been all over national media outlets in recent weeks telling his story of his battle with the US Environmental Protection Agency: Fox News Story

Johnson and his wife spent 5 long months of hard labor (labor of love) constructing a beautiful pond intended to be an oasis for his livestock and for wildlife, and more importantly, a place of recreation and memory making for his family to enjoy for generations. Johnson did his due diligence jumping through all the necessary hoops as instructed by the state of Wyoming.

Johnson revealed he is confident his neighbors alerted the Feds which ultimately turned his family’s life upside down. Without any indication of a violation, he was informed by the EPA that he was being fined $187,000 per day (not the $75,000 originally reported in the media) unless he filled in his pond. Johnson has vowed not to pay their fines and to fight to the bitter end.

He tells his story and discusses why he thinks they came after him in our recent interview:


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