We in America have been so indoctrinated to believe there are only two ways of looking at our political system: from the perspective of a Republican and from that of a Democrat. The media, our friends and family, and our culture in general all propagate this myth. The truth is the parties are for all intents and purposes the same. If you are for either, you are for massive, all encompassing government. It’s a pick your poison scenario.

Republicans once stood for small, non intrusive government and a strong non interventionist military (speak softly and carry a big stick). Both principals have obviously been abandoned. Today they are the big war party, stirring up trouble all over the world and are proponents of big government programs like social security and Medicare, and believe the federal government should run things like education. George W. Bush, for example, gave us programs like No Child Left Behind. He gave us the Patriot Act which violated basic rights promised to us in the constitution. There is very little republicans do today that shrinks the size and scope of government. Some of them talk a good game, but at the end of the day they are too afraid to jeopardize precious votes and don’t do a damn thing to reduce the size and scope of government. What would happen if they took away Grannie’s Social Security check or her prescription drugs?

Democrats were once anti war and skeptical of authority. They were once wary of the intrusion of government into our personal lives. They were sensitive to government invading our privacy and violating our civil liberties. Remember the hippies? The Vietnam protesters? The question authority guys? What happened to those guys? Modern day democrats give us just as much war as republicans and could give a shite about civil liberties. Obama has involved us numerous military conflicts: Obama Facts We have seen massive civil liberty atrocities exposed on his watch: NSA spying on US citizens, IRS targeting political groups, Justice Department spying on news media… This is the new Democratic party. I call them the Neodems (I don’t really call them that but I’m going to start).

Both parties have abandoned their foundational principals, moving them closer together. Both parties give us their brand of big government. Both spend like it’s going out of style. Both give us debt. Both give us war. Neither party cares or is trying to stop any of it. They are one and the same. Any differences are trivial. Until Americans step up and demand another choice or two, we’ll just keep getting more of the same until they run our country into the ground. We’d be better off with no government.


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