Bumbling Idiots Part 1: VA Hospital

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Bumbling Idiots, economics, government, politics, Uncategorized
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Seeing as our government bungles and mismanages nearly everything it gets it’s hands on, I decided to do a series of pieces on their ineptitude. Given the endless fodder available, this promises to be an infinite project. My hope is to show that government does almost nothing well and to illustrate that more government necessarily equals more waste, inefficiency, ineffectiveness, and in this case death. And therefore the less government we have, obviously the less we get of these things.

A story surfaced recently about disturbing behavior within the VA Hospital. The VA has long been known to be a model of inefficiency but this recent story about the Phoenix VA hospital sheds real light on the problem:

“Several hospital whistleblowers claim that in an effort to improve their performance record, administrators ordered thousands of appointment requests be diverted to a secret unofficial list not to be reported. If the patients died, their names would disappear.” – NBC News

40 patients at the Phoenix hospital have died while waiting to be seen. “The VA has become notorious for its long delays and backlog,” said the NBC report. VA leadership has apparently resorted to covering up their incompetence by creating this secret list of veterans awaiting care. The debacle has landed Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki on the hot seat as a congressional investigation has commenced.

This is what happens when govt runs health care. We see it in Canada and Europe. In these countries every day, run of the mill, maintenance type care is relatively accessible and effective. But come down with something serious and you’re screwed. Countless stories exist of folks with serious illnesses needing immediate attention waiting for months and months and dying before getting an appointment. Here’s a good little article on this phenomenon: Health Care and the Candy Store Called Socialism

The VA is a microcosm of what we can expect as our country moves in the direction of total socialistic healthcare. You’ll have no problem getting a check up or a flu shot, but get cancer and fuggedaboutit.

It is truly criminal that our government sends our soldiers into unnecessary wars where they are maimed and mutilated, and then fails to provide them with adequate healthcare. As is the case with everything, we should just let the private market take care of the situation. A market inherently knows how to properly and effectively allocate resources to maximize efficiency. It is self regulating and provides the best options for a free people. Central planning creates inefficiency, unintended consequences and chaos. If our government cannot take care of our most revered citiznes, how can we expect them to take care of it’s population at large?


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