In an earlier piece I wrote about the hypocrisy of republicans. Today I want to talk about how horrible democrats are. I try to be an equal opportunity politician hater.

Democrats are evil in so many ways, but the most obvious and egregious is their policy of stealing in order to secure votes. They have somehow been able to convince millions that theft is ok and is in fact noble. They have shown millions more that if they vote democrat they will get the booty looted from the victims. LBJ once said, “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” Nice. A thief and a racist. Good combo!

Taxation by definition is theft. It is, literally speaking, the confiscation of someone’s property via threat of force. Many will say the theft is justified because some people need help. While a free people take care of the less fortunate much more effectively than any government, let us save that discussion for another time. For purposes of this piece, just understand that by definition taxation is thievery. In my book, and in most people’s book, theft is evil. Republicans steal my money too, but democraps take more of it and with no compunction. The money they steal buys them public office, a pretty sweet gig. They may say and even believe they are somehow doing God’s work by pointing a gun to your head and demanding 30% or more of your salary, but make no mistake they are buying their way into power with your money.

Democrats want government to control, manage, or regulate just about everything. Liberty and freedom play second fiddle to legislation in their world. Choice is not a luxury of the individual, rather it is reserved for the politicians. They presume to know better than you how to run your life, manage your finances, run your business, etc. They place impediments in the path to prosperity, create barriers to entry, and punish success. We know the state is inefficient and bungles almost everything it tries to manage. Democrats want more government control and so they aim to bungle more. They screw up our lives.

These big government programs always, always, always start out in a small, seemingly innocuous manner and slowly and insidiously morph into massive monstrosities. They are sold to us under the guise of a solution to some perceived inequality that will hardly inconvenience us at all. Fast forward a generation and they have become all-encompassing and straight stifle our pursuit of happiness, a supposed guaranteed right we Americans “enjoy”. The income tax started out in 1913 as a small, seemingly harmless tax on the very wealthy. It quickly grew to as high as 94% on the top bracket and broadened to include everyone, not just the wealthy. What was sold to us is not what we wound up with. Same with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, and so on. These programs now promise to break the back of the greatest country in the history of the world. A nation that became great because of freedom will fall because of a lack of freedom. Ironical (yes, I know Ironical is not a word) huh?

In the 60’s democrats were at least anti-war and pro civil liberties. They were once skeptical of those in power. Today they endorse war and have abandoned any fight for civil liberty. Along with it they abandoned their few saving graces among liberty lovers.

Democrats want to steal your money and regulate or control almost every aspect of your life. I consider them tyrants. We fought a revolution for less. The consensus among most Americans today is that King George was a bad guy. These guys are markedly worse. I wonder what any one of them would do if a person literally stuck a gun in his or her face, demanded his or her money, and claimed it was for their own good or for the good of his or her country. It’s one thing to think of this stuff in the abstract. It’s another thing altogether when it happens in a literal manner to you personally. Badger out.


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