Submitted by Dirk Trip, former Marine.

Does anybody out there remember the horrible tension and fear that existed during the height of the Cold War? As a six year boy I sat down with a Coke and a smile and watched the movie “The Day After.” I was accustomed to war movie heroes like Alvin C. York and Audie Murphy and my mind had already been programed to aspire to be a famous American infantry fighter. “The Day After” is a movie about an all-out thermonuclear war, and immediately I understood that there would be no heroes in the case of such a war, only the dead, dying, and soon to be dying.

I also realized that nuclear weapons could bring death at anytime, anywhere, anyhow. For many years every contrail I saw in the sky was an incoming ICBM. Every rumbling jet engine above me was the immediate prelude to a bright flash and thousand mph gamma wind. Even lumbering cumulus clouds betrayed my brain into thinking I was about to be vaporized where I stood. When the Soviet grip on Eastern Europe began relaxing, so did my young bung hole. Then when the Wall came down and the Soviet Union completely dissolved, well, it was one of the most satisfying times I will ever experience here on Planet Earth. Surely, I knew, now that we had survived some of the most dangerous days any species could ever face, that we would start doing better and refuse to ever take steps back towards the nuclear brink… Enter 2014 and here our dumbasses are doing everything we can to return to a world where a fierce tingle runs up my spine at the mere sight of a damned poofy cloud. Make no mistake; the stakes are just as high today as they were during the chilliest days of the Cold War. There aren’t as many nukes today as there were then, but enough still exist to render every human being on Earth vapor and shadow. When it comes to multi megaton warheads there is little difference between there being 60,000 or 20,000; a few dozen would assuredly end all life as we know it.

There is a high amount of irony involved with the country of Ukraine becoming the battlefield in which a Cold War part deux will be fought. At one point in time the Ukrainian people and government served as a beacon of light to the rest of humanity by giving up all the thermonuclear weapons that the Soviet Union had deployed there. They could have made some real trouble with all that leverage, but instead they did the right thing for the sake of Earth and gave them up willingly. Now here we are with those same people taking us all back to the edge of oblivion. During the Cold War it was cut and dry, communism vs. democracy, totalitarian state vs. republic; now it has become a fight between left leaning thinkers and right leaning thinkers. How far right do you have to be to offend Vladimir Putin? The man’s hero is Joseph Stalin which would indicate that being a liberal is not at all his forte. American and European media assets would like us all to believe that Putin and Russia are the bad guys in this, but when one takes a closer look, it becomes evident that Russian speaking Ukrainians are being treated as almost sub-human by a coup government with designs on making speaking Russian in Ukraine a crime. Of course there are a gaggle of American Republicans calling for ramped up pressure on Russia both economically and militarily, but you’ll never hear the punk ass war hawks speak to the fact that people are actually asking for help and that the Russians are rendering aid. Vladimir Putin certainly is no grand humanitarian, but he’s damned smart. What joy must have filled his heart when the United States invaded Iraq. After doing so we lost all credibility when it comes to telling the entire world how to handle its business. Putin is simply doing what we did except the Ukraine and Russia are actually neighbors with deep historical ties and his actions make much more sense than our invasion of Iraq. Thing is, we f-ed with Saddam and his so called weapons of mass destruction, well, we start f-ing with Russia and there will be no doubt about their world ending stockpile. Who in the hell wants that? History has already taught us well that when European countries start screwing with Mother Russia things can get very nasty. Back in the day Western Europeans at least feared and respected the atomic bear, now it seems they are kinda getting their kicks poking the beast like it no longer has the world’s largest nuclear stockpile; as previously stated, the stakes are exactly the same. A war with Russia will likely end us all and a lot of world powers need to remember that. I can kind of relate however; when I was a six year old boy I feared beyond fear the thought of dying in nuclear fire, but now as a 37 year old I reckon I’d lay in my front yard naked and stare strait into the blast with a big shit eat’in grin.

I am not trying to defend or take sides with Russia in this piece; I am expressing hard truths that our politicians and media refuse to address. This new Cold War will ensure massive, wasteful military spending continues unchecked. This new chill will ensure that we once again step towards the brink. All of these idiots who are calling for ramped up pressure on Russia are playing with fire that burns hotter for a brief moment than the center of our Sun. They would like us all to believe that these events in the Ukraine are a sign that Russia has designs on reestablishing its Eastern European Empire, but that is simply not the case. A brand new ‘Domino Effect’ that didn’t exist then, and doesn’t exist now, and they’ll do all they can do to sell it all over again. We bought it once and the jungles of Vietnam devoured 58,000 American sons and daughters. We buy it again, and there is a high probability it will devour us all. Soldiers have already died during this dispute and they are dying as these words go down. It usually only takes one death to send countries over the edge so we are already working on borrowed time. May the powers of goodness, reason, and humanity prevail in the Ukraine, and if the war hawks prevail, well, the next stupid war we fight will at least be with sticks and stones.

  1. dwr26 says:

    well said Jack, lots of umcomfotable realities we are living in. the geopolitical playing field is complicated, let’s hope our leaders understand the consequences of their actions

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