Submitted by Dirk Trip, former Marine.

Does anyone remember the saying we used to collectively memorialize the victims of the cowardly attacks of September 11, 2001? “We will never forget.” With four words we made a vow to those we lost on that day that they would never be far from our minds.

Take a look around children of liberty, listen with your ears and understand that with each new revolution of this planet, we drift further and further away from that sacred vow. Now on any social media if you have any question concerning the events of 9/11 it is as if you are some terrible pariah insulting cherished dead. Somehow we have reached the point where it is no longer “we will never forget.” It has become “don’t you dare talk about it!” The least we owe those who died on that day is an open discourse concerning the events that took their lives. Such conversation does not exist and those who try and speak to the lack of truths involved in 9/11 are labeled crackpots, quacks, and conspiracy nuts. Indeed, there are some way out there theories and speculations about what actually happened. The frightening, saddening, heart breaking truth of it is that the official story is more unbelievable than a guy who thinks aliens detonated a nuke in the basement of the WTC so Rudolph Giuliani could hitch a ride to Uranus.

The 9/11 Commission Report has become the be all end all explanation for that day, and yet, many of the facts provided therein are impossible by the known laws of physics. American Flight 77 is reported to have been traveling at 530 mph as it impacted the first floor of the Pentagon. There is a higher probability of a three legged hobbit hopping out of my butthole wrestling a greased swamp donkey, than there is of a 757-223 flying at that speed and altitude and hitting a pin point target on the ground. A 757 is not designed to withstand such speed at high altitude in thin air, much less near the ground in heavy air. The best test pilots on Planet Earth could never do it. They would never try; they are smart enough to realize that the ‘ground effect’ from such flying would rip the wings off the jet far before they reached any target. This is not an inconsistency in the 9/11 report, it is an impossibility. If 9/11 could not have happened the way the official story states it did then we owe the dead of that day a fierce fight for transparency. Why won’t we fight for them? Why don’t we care? How can we remember our loss if we have no idea what the truth of that loss really is?

What solid truths have come out of the events of 9/11 are a set of deeds allowed by the American people that are just as despicable as those towers falling. We openly allowed torture in the name of security. Read a list of countries who have employed this tactic, and it becomes very evident we were not remembering the victims of 9/11 as we allowed people to be tortured. We were being a bunch of chicken shit punks who would allow any ends to justify the means. The NAZI’s rolled like that. The Soviets rolled like that. The Romans rolled like that. So on and so forth, and just how is it that the attacks of September 11 made us roll like that? We preemptively invaded a country. Any country who preemptively wages war goes down in history as an aggressor and is forever marked by the deed. Operation Iraqi Freedom is the moment I knew the events of 9/11 were far deeper and darker than what we saw with our own eyes. When the Bush Administration used 9/11 as the primary reasoning for Iraq they were not even attempting to hide their shadiness. They knew that the graphic death of 9/11 would open American hearts to any sort of warfare in an effort to stay safe. They also knew that the computer and file system which documented at least 2.3 trillion in lost DOD spending receipts was in the exact spot where ‘American Flight 77’ impacted the Pentagon. It is very convenient for a government to be able to erase trillions in debt and put its people on a war footing all in the same event. It was too good to be true for somebody, and nothing about 9/11 should be like that for anybody.

There was only one way we were going to properly remember the folks who gave up their ghosts that day. Only by making our country and world a better place to live could we remember them. Only by having the courage to seek the hard truths that yet elude us could we ever truly honor their memories. As it stands now we have failed them miserably and the prospects of redeeming ourselves in the matter seem nonexistent. It can only be hoped that generations down the line some smart guy or gal picks up a copy of the 9/11 Report and sees what we have already seen, but ignored; that it’s all wrong and the truth must be revealed. We don’t have the backbone for it right now, but maybe if we survive these days of infant modernization, we will have regrown a spine and demanded the truth. Until then we should weep for the fallen, for they have fallen without justice. Until then we have remembered nothing.


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