American Blood for Iraqi Sorrow

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Dirk Tripp, Foreign policy, Uncategorized
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Submitted by Dirk Trip, former Marine.

Something just didn’t feel right about it from the very start. Invading Afghanistan, yes, after September 11, 2001 the invasion of that country seemed very rational. Even though it was obvious immediately that we went about it in a way that would guarantee the escape of Osama Bin Laden, at least we were after someone who had claimed responsibility for the worst attack ever on modern America. Then Iraq, and it just didn’t feel right. Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden hated each other. They hated each other worse than they hated America and that’s saying something. There was no way they were in cahoots, and yet we the American people allowed our Federal Government to sell us such a stupid story.

Strike 1. Then there’s the all famous WMD’s that Saddam was imminently preparing to use on us, well, it’s in the history books now, and they weren’t there. Strike 2. Nope, nope, it was all about freeing the Iraqi people from a ruthless dictator who constantly made them live in fear… Saddam Hussein was a scary mofo no doubt, but he damn sure wasn’t as scary as the sound of a 120mm smooth bore Abrams main gun or the pressure wave of a two thousand pound bomb exploding. Strike 3. If it were baseball there would be a lot of hacks and stooges walking back to the bench, but not with the idiots who took us to war in Babylon. They just kept swinging with “the Iraqis will pay for this with their newly freed resources,” and “we will be greeted as liberators,” and then “mission accomplished,” and how could you leave out Abu Ghraib? Sure is a lovely picture of liberation wearing a blind fold with electrodes clamped to its nipples.

Nothing we were told about Iraq has turned out to be true. 4,487 American Service Members drew their last breath in that place. The number of injured and maimed will never be properly known, but it easily surpasses 50,000. These figures represent American treasure that can never be replaced. The Iraqi people could pump out a billion extra gallons a day and it will never touch what we lost in that hellhole. You cannot quantify, or place a value on, the suffering that has come from our involvement in Iraq. Dads, and Moms, and Sons, and Daughters, and Friends all gone away forever in the worst, most violent way possible. They trusted their country to use them responsibly, and we failed them and we failed their families. We allowed ourselves to be spoon fed manipulated propaganda, all while the terrible truths of it were staring us right square in the face the whole time. To this very day not one American Government Official has been held to account in any way for their involvement in this disaster. Instead of standing before a jury of their peers, they stand thumbing their noses at good men and women everywhere; all the while becoming absurdly wealthy. Incredibly, the only people the American public have censured or punished in any way concerning Iraq is the Dixie Chicks. We didn’t end the careers of wicked, crooked politicians ruthlessly putting Americans to the sword. No, we ended the careers of a three girl folk band just trying to tell us the truth. It is hard to fathom all the levels of stupidity in that knowledge, but that does not change the fact that it is true.

To put one’s mind to the thought of what America has lost in Iraq is a hard, heartbreaking task. To then think of what we have done to the Iraqi people compounds and multiplies the horror of it exponentially. First, in ’91 when the Shiites in the south actually rose up against Saddam, we hung them out to dry and let Hussein’s helicopters slaughter them in the hundreds of thousands. After that why would they ever ask for our help again? They didn’t. So what do we do, we invade them while they, and nearly all the rest of the world, begged us not to. In doing so we condemned untold hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to terrible, fearful deaths. There are all sorts of surveys and studies that try to pin a number to how many Iraqis have died because of this preemptive American war. None of them will ever come close to the truth of it. No paper or report will ever properly convey an Iraqi child drawn and quartered by errant American steel. There will never be an official report regarding how many Iraqis were shot dead or exploded by American warriors for simply talking on a cell phone. Being as IED’s and their electronic remotes were the deadliest weapons insurgents had in their arsenal; the number is surely heart shattering. How many were just calling home? How many were just sending a friend a text? To an American serviceman or woman it made no never mind because what they saw was eminent death, and so, they reacted to that perceived threat in due kind. How many were wrong? Just like everything else concerning this pitiful American action the answers seem unattainable. Not because they’re not there, but because we don’t care to know them, and yes, that is a triple negative. What is certain, and what will be recorded in history books, is that we traded American blood for Iraqi sorrow, and that in the end, the world was a far less safer place because of it.


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