Ike was Right

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Dirk Tripp, history, politics
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Submitted by Dirk Trip, Former Marine

Dwight D. Eisenhower, one of the most iconic military leaders in all of human history, left the American people a clearly defined warning about the dangers of an unchecked military industrial complex.

As it stands now, not only do we not like Ike, we’ve set the poor general to spinning in his grave like a drill bit. Our military industrial complex has gone beyond unchecked, it has grown into some sort of immeasurable colossus that gobbles up money like nothing ever before in human history. We never really took our foot off of the gas pedal when it comes to our defense spending, so I guess, F-U Ike, thanks for your service though…

All jilted sarcasm aside; one event sent our constantly reckless military spending into fanatical overdrive: 9/11. Since that day our annual defense spending has increased by over eighty-percent. Best estimates are that to this point we have spent 7.6 trillion dollars fighting this ‘war on terror.’ This estimate does not take into account the vast amounts of money just ‘lost’ during our military engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan. It also does not take into account the long term care and rehabilitation of now millions of veterans suffering from some sort of ailment due to involvement in combat operations. We have been given due warning and we have ignored it, and so what Ike had nightmares about we shall see come to pass and the dread he felt shall be passed to our children. How? Why? It is as simple as fear.

As a former United States Marine and ardent student of history I realize that human beings do not start wars unless they have something to gain by them. Who then has had something to gain by this terror war? Dwight D. Eisenhower knew the answer to this question over fifty years ago as he left the office of the presidency. Islamic fanatics are crazier than shit house rats, but to see what they have gained by this war simply type Apache Gun Camera into Youtube and you will see what they gained. Surely our Soldiers, Airman, Sailors, Guardsman, and Marines have experienced a vast improvement in pay and benefits with all of this extra spending… Maybe in another life or Universe, but not here, that’s for damn sure. It is also very odd that since 9/11 our spending on nuclear weapons has risen by twenty percent. Nuclear weapons are as useless as hen shit on a pump handle when it comes to fighting a stateless enemy so this extra spending is baffling. The only thing that makes any of this make any sense at all is a frightened, uninformed, apathetic, and burnt out population. As a collective we have just quit caring. Torture, ok. Illegal war, ok. Unwarranted surveillance, ok. Secret prisons, ok. All of these detestable, revolting facts have been allowed in the name of the American people. They all cost a great deal of money and they all go against any moral standard worth pursuing. It comes down to this, we now spend more on defense than every country on the face of Planet Earth combined and we do it by a damn shade. A Roman once said if you want peace, prepare for war, well, it didn’t work out so great for the Romans, but here our dumbasses are repeating history like we’re shooting it out of a Tommy gun. Instead we should have learned that if we want peace, we should prepare for peace. If the rest of the world constantly sees us spending vast national treasure on the art of killing, how are we going to be any safer? This planet is inhabited by civilizations that act and react individually to each other. What human history has shown us is that if you’re the bad boy on the block, eventually, everyone will come gunning for you. Is that what we want for our children? President Eisenhower didn’t want it for us, and yet, here we are owning it. If something doesn’t give, and we refuse to change our current course, our children shall weep at what we have left them, debt, and blood, and fear.


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