The Hypocrisy of Republicans

Posted: March 17, 2014 in politics
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Think about the type of person the average politician is. I am obviously generalizing here but politicians tend to be narcissistic. They tend to be hungry for power and control. Think of the typical douchey cheesebag you see on Sunday morning political tv shows, with his über white teeth and his perfect hair. Think of all the politicians who cheat on their wives. Think about the nature of politics. You have to be a salesman. And, lets face it, most of these guys are glorified used car salesmen (no offense to my thousands of used car salesman followers). They must be adept at spin, at lying. If the economy is bad, they must convince you it’s fine. They’ll convince us that war is necessary when diplomacy is in order. These guys suck, Republicans and Democrats alike.

Understanding that most politicians blow, I now want to focus on Republicans specifically. I have a real disdain for Democrats but Republicans are a special kind of suck. Republicans sell out their principles for votes. Republicans say one thing and vote the opposite way. They tout the virtues of small government and low taxes yet spend us into oblivion. They grow government to insane levels burdening future generations with the debt obligation. At least Democrats tell you to your face that they want government to control every aspect of your life and that they will rob you to pay for it.

Today we have this massive omnipresent government that we didn’t arrive at overnight. The small central government with only a few enumerated powers our founders clearly and explicitly outlined in the constitution is no longer even a distant cousin of the monstrosity we have today. A lot of politicians (and certainly the voters) are to blame for the metastasization. Wilson, FDR, LBJ and other democrats are largely to blame. That’s obvious. What most people don’t understand is that Lincoln, Reagan, Nixon, Bush and most modern-day “neocons” are perhaps as culpable.

Abraham Lincoln was a devout follower of Henry Clay and the Whig party.  The Whigs believed in a strong and encompassing centralized federal government.   According to Tom DiLorenzo in his stunning look at Lincoln in his book, The Real Lincoln, “From the very first day in 1832 when he announced he was running for the state legislature in Illinois, Lincoln expressed his devotion to the cause of protectionist tariffs, taxpayers subsidies for railroads and other corporations (“internal improvements”), and the nationalization of the money supply to help pay for the subsidies.”  Lincoln believed in central planning of the economy, ignored state sovereignty, and famously ignored the constitution on many occasions: for example he threw newspaper editors in prison who spoke out against the war and deported a congressman, Clement Vallandigham, who dared oppose him.  Lincoln was hardly a small government, champion of individual liberty.  Rather, he was a precursor of the neocons that would later help massively grow the scope of government and set the country on a collision course with economic collapse.

Ronald Reagan is the ultimate conservative hypocrite.   Reagan, the godfather of the modern-day neocons, loved to espouse the evils of big government.  He ran on fiscal responsibility yet spent more  as a percentage of GDP than did Cater and LBJ (Stockman, 129).   Ever wonder why republicans are the big military, war seeking, nation building, democracy spreading party?  It largely starts with Reagan and his massive military build up in preparation for a Russian takeover of the world.  Or as David Stockman put it in The Great Deformation, “…the Pentagon poured hundreds of billions into equipping and training a vast conventional armada: land, sea and air forces that were utterly irrelevant to the imaginary Soviet nuclear first strike.”  As we now know Russia was crumbling and was not a real threat.  Yet the war drums kept beating and the deficits kept soaring.  Sound familiar?

Since Reagan the neocon platform has grown and morphed and finally culminated with its most recent Presidential mutation: Dubya.  George W. Bush grew our government at a more rapid pace than any President in history to that point (enter Barack Obama).  He gave us Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind, the Department of Homeland Security, The Patriot Act, Iraq and Afghanistan, and massive bailouts.  The national debt exploded under Bush.

The hypocrisy of Republicans is self-evident.  They scream small government and fiscal restraint yet give us the exact opposite.  They promise to cut spending but deliver $trillion budget deficits.  They say government is the problem yet give us more of it.  They are cowards.  They know the free market could deliver retirement funding to the masses much more effectively than social security, but politically would never consider removing that busted program.  They realize that private charity can deal with poverty better than government, but would never run on a platform of decreasing food stamps or welfare.   Soon republicans won’t even feign limited government.  As we all become more dependent on the state, we are less likely to care about such ideals.  In fact, the two parties have converged so closely that one can hardly tell the difference anymore.  The only difference I can detect is that one  party is honest about the fact that they plan to rob from you and your children and control every aspect of your life.  On some effed up level this seems better.


Stockman, D.A. (2013). The Great Deformation. New York, NY: PublicAffairs

DiLorenzo, T.J. (2002). The Real Lincoln. New York, NY: Three Rivers Press

  1. D says:

    Republicans seek the legislation of other’s lifestyles, while never taking a second glance at their own. They attach Iran sanction bills to disabled veteran bills, then vote against that very same bill, and then coo and kaa about how much they love the troops. What is so bizarre, is that republican’s actions are blatantly obvious when it comes to fiscal irresponsibility, and yet, they still use that platform, and the republican masses keep eating it up like a fat man at a Wednesday night Baptist buffet. Hypocrisy has become an airborne disease and it does appear the republican party is breathing deep.

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